Deluxe Tapas Set

Tapas Party Kit includes: La Brujula Octopus (4.5 oz), Ria de Arosa Mussels in Esceabeche (4 oz), Piparra Peppers (6.4 oz), Orange Delights (4.94 oz), Hand painted ceramic bowl, Marcona Almonds (5.76 oz), Torremar Gordal Olives and Sun dried Tomato (12.35 oz), Fig Jam (7 oz) and Traditional Picos (6.4 oz).


Welcome to the world of tapas and Spanish small plates. The Deluxe Tapas Set has everything you need for a five star tapas experience at home! This gift set is the best way to get a taste of Spain at home. Try some of Spain’s top preserves including octopus, tuna and sardines. Use premium artichoke hearts,  piparra or piquillo peppers in your favorite dishes or salads. Serve olives in a beautiful hand painted ceramic dish from Spain. Don’t forget to put out the picos, small traditional Spanish bread sticks. Impress your friends with delicious figs in PX reduction, we recommend pouring over vanilla ice cream. Choco Cherries and Turron are delicious on their own and easy to share. The sweet flatbread is great with coffee or tea. There is definitely a lot to love in this gift set and a delicious way to enjoy Spain!

Tapas Party Kit includes: La Brujula Octopus (4.5 oz), Ortiz Reserva Bonito del Norte Tuna (3.95 oz),Ortiz Sardines (4.9 oz),  Piparra Peppers (6.4 oz),Red Piquillo peppers (10.2 oz), Matiz Chestnuts (7 oz), Torremar Manzanilla Olives (12.35 oz), Premium Artichoke Hearts (13.4 oz) ( Choco Cherries (4.94 oz), El Almendro Turron (7 oz) , Pedro Ximenez Figs (5.1 oz), Mitica Sweet Flatbread (6.35 oz) Two hand painted ceramic bowls (small and large)  and Traditional Picos (6.4 oz).


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